Mohit & Jaimy the scene of this wedding is undoubtedly a fascinating picture. Holding a wedding in a 12th-century French medieval castle is like turning back time and fixing the beauty of love in the long river of history. The tranquility and elegance of the castle in the mountain contrast with the magnificent wonders of nature, adding a mysterious and profound artistic conception to the ceremony.

The newlyweds exchanged vows in this beautiful setting, their decision a testament to their shared pursuit and love of the extraordinary. Relatives from Australia also traveled thousands of miles to come here to witness the union of two hearts in such an intoxicating environment. This was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience that closely connected them with their loved ones.

As the newlyweds embrace in the arms of the castle in the mountains, the ethereal beauty surrounding them seems to bear witness to their eternal commitment. The power of love is revealed in the embrace of nature, reminding us of the enduring power of love and the magic of shared experiences. This story will remain in people's hearts forever and become an immortal legend that will complement the beauty of nature and be passed down forever.

Mohit & Jaimy 这场婚礼的场景无疑是一幅令人着迷的画面。




The Dream Team

Groom / Mohit

Bride / Jaimy

Photographer / ViLoon Looi ( ASPIRER STUDIO )

2nd photographer / Emran ( ASPIRER STUDIO )

Cinematography / Alston ( ASPIRER STUDIO )

Make up & Hair Stylist / Jastina mary b

Wedding Gown / Calla Blanche

Groom suit / Gibson Suits

Wedding Planner / Mid Summer Event

Flower bouquet / Memories yours event

Wedding shoe / Wittner

Jewellery/ Malabar Diamonds 

Wedding ring / B.G Jewellery

Engagement ring / B.G Jewellery

Violinist / Katrinlilo

Live painter / Captureby_Jean c

Venue / The Chateau Resort